Saturday, May 22, 2010


I've also been thinking about renaming/redoing The Roller Girl Blog. I feel like it's gotten a bit stale and that I could make it a bit more awesome.

I have some favorite blogs that I draw inspiration from: Cup of Jo, Design Sponge & Design is Mine are a few...

Future Blog Hints: Ambrosia on the Rocks. Ambrosia Blossoms. Poppy Seed Studios.

TV Cozy

I know it's been a while but I've been busy and while I could tell you lots of potentially boring/interesting things about my life happenings, I'd rather tell you about this amazing creation that I just can't get over!

It's a TV Cozy! A TV Cozy! TVs are so ugly, especially in a beautifully decorated room. And here's the solution! This image is of a Martha Stewart version but go to this link, it is so much cuter!

I want, I want! Just another thing to add my crafty inspirations.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tired of the Job Hunt

I love you, The Littlest Birds, really I do - but you're not giving me enough hours. And my bills are squeezing me to death.

I have to find something to compensate, but Demand Studios editors can be such complete morons, making it really discouraging to write for a real income.

Job hunting is so fatiguing. I'm so sick of it. I've been doing it nearly constantly for almost three years now. I am so tired of it. When will my one real job come?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's February! What a Month it is!

February is a crazy month for me. It begins with Bastien's and mine 6th year anniversary on the 5th, then it jumps to crazy old valentines (validation) day, then skips on to one of my best bud's 25th bday on the 18th and then completes the month with my 25th bday on the 26th! Aye!

Right now in my life, I'm still considering lots of things because at the approach of my quarter-life crisis I know I still have plenty of time to contemplate. Here are some of the contemplations/plans:

-I'm still working at my most favorite place of employment ever, The Littlest Birds. I'm only working half-time right now because that's all the time they can give me...but...soon come I will be getting many more hours. Come August/September of this year I will be working nearly full-time when one of the owners moves. Her and her lovely spouse will be moving to go to grad school and I will get to take over her time. I am so excited and so privileged to get this opportunity to run a small, locally-owned business. I am also way impatient and would love for this to happen NOW! But patience is a virtue, I hear.

-I've been yearning to take some more classes. I am so in love with this Earth we live on and I want to do as much as I can for it. Despite this passion, I need to be more knowledgeable. I need to know some basic science, some basic scientific facts. I have never been a science kind of girl, but I really want to take some herbalism classes at the Appalachian School of Herbalism (so I can grow my own awesome garden and create my own beauty and cleaning products) and I want to take lots of environmental science, botany and ecology classes so I can be a better educated environmentalist. I'm starting to look at ways of doing that in Western NC.

-I want a car! Ack, I have a very deep love/hate relationship with the Asheville Transit System, the sweet thing. But I want a car. And even better, I'm thinking about getting a diesel car so I can use biodiesel to run it. That's right, ya'll - I want a vegetable car! ;) I'm thinking about getting a late 90's VW diesel car. It's pretty much my choice of a Mercedes or a Volkswagen, only. Not many other cars have diesel engines.

-Omg, beer! The beau, er, fiancé, and I have been brewing beer (well, mostly the beau). And we love it! And he loves it! I really do believe he has found his passion and his life path. Whew! So our plan, now? Create a microbrewery/restaurant. I won't give any more details on that plan right now. It's so juicy and delectable, but it still needs to do a bit of fermenting (ba-da-ching!) before more details are released. Let's just say I love to write business plans and I've already got a good start on this one.

-Oh man, I just have too many ideas and plans and desires, it's almost too much! Oh, and I have, like, no money. No money to save, no money to invest. Nada. Anyways, I would also like to have my own business where I sell handmade, handcrafted, preferably local, goods for the home. And of course I have a business plan written already. ;)

-I would also like to be an environmental constultant. Hence, the desire and need to take some environmental science classes. I figure I could hire myself out to plenty of people who need some practical and easy advice on taking steps to helping the Earth.

-Oh yes, I'm a bridesmaid. I'm one for the wonderful, soon-to-be-my-sister-in-law-in-just-over-a-year Lucie.

-And then I have a wedding of my own to plan. (Wow, did I really just say that? Good god.) But it will be lighter on the wedding planning and much heavier on the party/reception and the traveling/honeymoon planning. I've already got some ideas floating around in that lil' head of May 1st, courthouse wedding, big-arse party in a park/backyard/natural, outdoor setting with lots of friends and fam, family celebration in France and Corsica traveling afterward.

A lot, a lot. A lot that I like.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yes, yes - it's true! Me and Bastien are engaged! It happened late Friday night on our way back to our apartment. Friday Asheville had a really good snowstorm and the after effects were beautiful. So after being in our apartment all day going a little stir crazy we decided to go on a lovely night snow walk. It happened then. And it was lovely.


Would you like to see the ring? Here it is:

And here is the link to the awesome handmade artist who made it. You should buy some stuff from him. I know I will buy Bastien's ring from him. And the ring was just the perfect fit for me.

And so now I'm engaged! Would you like to see the man I'm marrying? Here he is:

<3 <3 <3

Monday, January 4, 2010

Burrr Freezing Weather - Chill Out!

It is so efffing cold here in Asheville these days. One can NOT wear enough clothing, socks, mittens, scarves and layers. Currently, the temperature has been staying around 3 or 4 degrees with this frigid-arse wind chill.

It's cold. So painfully cold!

Meanwhile - it's the beau's birthday today! The old fart is turning 27! So let's all get down and party because time goes fast!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mr. First Snow

(From @h0zae)

It's the first snow of the season. And it could very possibly stick any moment now. The first snow is always the best.

And with hot chocolate, please.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Told You So

Didn't I? Our computer is completely down and out. I have to use the one at work or go to the library to get on the internet. So big poo on that.

The good news? I'm pretty, pretty sure I'm getting a laptop for the Solstice season. So big yay to this!

Meanwhile, update:
Tuesday: O'Charley's potluck! Even though I had a terrible migraine for most of the day, once I saw our old neighbor Beth come inside, I felt much better! It was a bit overwhelming to host so many people (11 people total!), but everybody was so nice and the all the food was so good that it was all very nice and relaxing.
Wednesday: A good ol' Bastien and Amber night. Watched Band of Brothers series, ate some vegan recipes that I tried out from the "Kind Diet" book by Alicia Siverstone (she writes so adorably!) and just cuddled up on the couch together.
Thursday: Went to Boone w/the gals. Did a little shopping, a little me-time, some yummy veggie food at Portofino and then headed to a very bizarre show featuring Taking Back Sunday and the All American Rejects (who I found out is, unfortunately, one of the sleaziest, dirtiest male performers I think I've ever seen or heard).
Friday: Early drive back from Boone. Arrived to find my kitteh and lovah awaiting me. After a not-so-healthy lunch, the beau and I began our beer-making adventure! And, oh boy, was it an adventure! We were super careful about everything and making sure the brew didn't boil over - I think we may have some very toned arms after stirring the pot for over and hour straight! I left the beau and brew to have some girl time w/some other lovelies. Where, despite our immaculate planning, we arrived 5 minutes late to a showing of New Moon and found ourselves in a seating conundrum. After five minutes of frustration of not finding seats, I decided to sit by myself and let them sit together in the front row. Those had to be the worst seats ever. But I find that this movie was better than the first, Twilight.

Coming soon...
-Thanksgiving with the rents at our place (also, the first time we celebrate/host a holiday feast in our new apartment!!!)
-Black Friday at The Littlest Birds
-My path back to vegetarian/veganism.
-We got accepted for financial aid for the YMCA! We're going to be svelte so, so soon. ;)

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